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High-Risk Sectors

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Joint Committee on Human Rights: Human Rights at Work Evidence Submission

September 2023

FLEX’s submission to the Migration Advisory Committee on the Seasonal Worker Visa

September 2023

Joint Position Paper on Preventing Exploitation in the Adult Social Care Sector

December 2023

Press Release: Europe’s first Worker-Driven Social Responsibility pilot launched in UK

January 2024

“So I decided to carry on…”: The continuum of exploitation in practice

February 2024

UK agriculture and care visas: worker exploitation and obstacles to redress

March 2024

Bearing fruit: Making recruitment fairer for migrant workers

April 2024

Press Release: New research highlights improvements needed to protect migrants from debt and disappointment on UK’s Seasonal Worker Scheme

April 2024

FLEX submission to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy on enforcement of employment rights recommendations

May 2018

Risky Business: Tackling Exploitation in the UK Labour Market

October 2017

Shaky Foundations: Labour Exploitation in London’s Construction Sector

April 2018

FLEX submission to the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy on agency workers recommendations

May 2018

Between Decent Work and Modern Slavery

May 2017

“If I Could Change Anything About My Work…” Participatory Research With Cleaners In The UK

January 2021

FLEX Briefing: Labour Exploitation in London’s Construction Sector

October 2017

Experts by Experience: Conducting Feminist Participatory Action Research with Workers in High-Risk Sectors

March 2021

Assessment of the risks of human trafficking for forced labour on the UK Seasonal Workers Pilot

March 2021

“To help workers, I would tell the Government to…” Participatory Research with Workers in the UK Hospitality Sector

July 2021

“The gig is up”: Participatory Research with Couriers in the UK App-Based Delivery Sector

November 2021

Labour Exploitation Advisory Group (LEAG) Position Paper: Labour Compliance to Exploitation and the Abuses In-between

August 2016

The vulnerability of paid migrant live-in care workers in London to modern slavery

August 2022

Videos: Research on Vulnerability of Migrant Live-in Care Workers in London to Modern Slavery

August 2022

Understanding labour exploitation

May 2022

Experiences and Drivers of Labour Exploitation for Young Migrant Workers

December 2021