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Labour Migration

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Rights and risks: Migrant labour exploitation in London

June 2023

Joint Position Paper on Preventing Exploitation in the Adult Social Care Sector

December 2023

FLEX submission to the 2024 Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report

February 2024

Detention Taskforce Submission to the ICIBI call for evidence on the inspection of the Immigration Enforcement Competent Authority

February 2024

UK agriculture and care visas: worker exploitation and obstacles to redress

March 2024

Bearing fruit: Making recruitment fairer for migrant workers

April 2024

Creating a safe and fair UK immigration policy for workers

November 2022

Assessment of the risks of human trafficking for forced labour on the UK Seasonal Workers Pilot

March 2021

Disposable Workers: the Future of the UK’s Migrant Workforce

March 2019

Preventing exploitation in the shadow of Brexit: The risks of temporary migration programmes

September 2018

Lost in Transition: Brexit & Labour Exploitation

August 2017

The Risks of Exploitation in Temporary Migration Programmes: A FLEX response to the 2018 Immigration White Paper

May 2019

Briefing: The UK’s Future Skills-Based Immigration: Mitigating against the Risks of Human Trafficking for Labour Exploitation

May 2019

FLEX written submission on the Nationality and Borders Bill

October 2021

‘New Plan for Immigration’ FLEX Consultation Response

May 2021

FLEX written submission on the UK Modern Slavery Strategy Review

November 2021

The making of irregular migration: post-Brexit immigration policy and risk of labour exploitation

May 2022

Letter to Home Office on risks to Ukrainian nationals on Seasonal Workers’ Visa

March 2022

FLEX written submission to EFRA Committee inquiry into labour shortages in the food and farming industry

January 2022

FLEX response to the Government’s review of the first year of the Seasonal Workers Pilot

January 2022

Open letter on reforming the UK Overseas Domestic Workers’ Visa

December 2021

Joint response on migrant workers’ risks of exploitation for MAC annual report

September 2022