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Supply Chains

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FLEX’s 10 Point Plan to Tackle Exploitation in Supply Chains

July 2018

Press Release: Europe’s first Worker-Driven Social Responsibility pilot launched in UK

January 2024

Joint civil society response to the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee report: ‘Uyghur forced labour in Xinjiang and UK value chains.’

April 2021

Priorities for the next government on corporate accountability, responsible business and trade

April 2017

FLEX Submission to the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade for the Inquiry into establishing a Modern Slavery Act in Australia

May 2017

FLEX Submission to the Australian Government’s Modern Slavery in Supply Chains Reporting Requirement Public Consultation

October 2017

Seeing through transparency: a FLEX blueprint for worker-centred corporate accountability to prevent human trafficking for labour exploitation

July 2018

Seeing through transparency: making corporate accountability work for workers

July 2018

Advisory Committee of the Modern Slavery Registry’s Submission to the Australian Senate’s Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee on the Australian Modern Slavery Bill 2018

August 2018

Public Procurement to Prevent Human Trafficking and Forced Labour

September 2018

Effective Transparency in Supply Chains Legislation

September 2018

Full Disclosure: Towards Better Modern Slavery Reporting

March 2019

Recognising Lived Realities: policymaking on cocoa farming in Ghana and the Dominican Republic

June 2019

Respect, Dignity, That’s What We Want: Lessons from the Bangladesh and Myanmar Garment Sectors on Working Conditions

June 2019

Worker-Driven Social Responsibility: Exploring a New Model for Tackling Labour Abuse in Supply Chains

March 2020

Webinar on Worker-Driven Social Responsibility

March 2020

Beyond Compliance: Effective Reporting under the Modern Slavery Act

March 2016