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Assessment of the risks of human trafficking for forced labour on the UK Seasonal Workers Pilot

March 2021

This report, based on research carried out over the past year by FLEX with consultant Caroline Robinson and Fife Migrants Forum, provides unique independent evidence of worker experiences on the Seasonal Workers Pilot (SWP), a temporary labour migration programme that seeks to respond to concerns about labour shortages in agriculture, particularly following the end of free movement. Drawing on primary data collected with workers in Scottish farms, the report highlights the risk of human trafficking for forced labour for workers coming to work on the Seasonal Worker Visa and provides details of these risks in line with a range of ILO forced labour indicators, including deception about the nature of the work, degrading living conditions, excessive dependency on employers and lack of freedom to change employer. It proposes strategies to the UK and Scottish governments to tackle these risks and to protect current and future workers, particularly in light of the recent expansion of the scheme.