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Our wide-ranging research focuses on identifying and understanding the systems and structures that can drive labour exploitation.

We strive to reach out to underrepresented workers and at-risk communities and work with a diverse range of stakeholders, including employers, industry and government officials, to shed light on under-researched sectors of the economy, identify emerging trends and the factors driving exploitation.

Through collaboration and policy analysis, we work to identify best practice and develop effective strategies that respond to the complex experiences of workers at risk.

Selected publications

Pioneering participatory approaches

As a Peer Researcher, I would do interviews, people would share their problems with me, I would recruit new participants, I felt important. In my job you feel invisible all the time. Being a Peer Researcher, I finally felt heard.

Juliana, Peer Researcher

We believe that working together with workers and affected communities to generate knowledge and advocate for change will lead to better evidence-based policies and more effective solutions to labour exploitation.

We have been developing and pioneering participatory research approaches as a means to achieve this by working ‘with’, rather than ‘for’ or ‘on’, at-risk workers. This includes developing a ‘community researcher methodology’ and adopting a Feminist Participatory Action Research approach (FPAR), allowing us to engage workers from high-risk sectors as paid Peer Researchers who are involved in every step of the research process.

We continue to develop our participatory approaches and to collaborate with frontline organisations supporting and representing at-risk communities.

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