Ensuring corporate accountability

FLEX works to ensure that companies are held to account for the ethical impact of their activities, particularly where poor business practices directly contribute to the severe exploitation of workers. 

FLEX has developed the Labour Exploitation Accountability Hub, which aims to improve both government and corporate accountability for human trafficking, forced labour and slavery in national and global business supply chains.  The main feature of the Hub is a database of national laws and regulations to address human trafficking and forced labour in supply chains in 10 countries worldwide. The database provides the basic legal information needed to impose accountability on both companies and governments, as well as providing a platform for further research and advocacy on accountability issues.

Advocacy by FLEX and its allies led to the UK Government introducing a “Transparency in Supply Chains” provision into the Modern Slavery Act 2015.  This provision requires companies operating in the UK to report on what steps they are taking to address modern slavery in their supply chains. FLEX continues to work with its partners to inform Government policy in this area, to provide comprehensive guidance to businesses on compliance, and to promote greater efforts to address labour exploitation throughout supply chains.