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UK immigration bill could create perfect conditions for modern slavery warns FLEX

August 25, 2015

Today’s announcement by the Immigration Minister, James Brokenshire, that the forthcoming Immigration Bill will see undocumented workers imprisoned for up to six months adds to the list of measures that will increase worker vulnerability in the UK. Responding to this news, Caroline Robinson, Policy Director at Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX) said:

“Whilst the Government suggests it is cracking down on undocumented migration, it is instead creating the perfect conditions for the exploitation of migrant workers to thrive. We know that exploitation depends on worker vulnerability, marginalisation and fear – which will be the consequence of these new measures.

If the Government wants to tackle exploitation then it should enforce labour rights throughout the UK. Instead the Government has slashed red tape and regulation at the cost of workers rights making modern slavery more likely. If Ministers want to walk the talk on tackling modern slavery then the proper enforcement of labour standards is an essential first step.”