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Researching labour exploitation – FLEX launches guide to research with hard-to-reach migrant workers

May 18, 2018

FLEX has launched a guide to research with hard-to-reach migrant workers to support organisations engaging in research of labour exploitation. Researching labour exploitation: a FLEX guide to research with hard-to-reach migrant workers in the UK is based on a pilot of the migrant community methodology carried out during FLEX’s extensive research on labour exploitation in the UK construction industry.

In the guide, FLEX draws on insights from academic literature and experts in methodological approaches to engaging hard-to-reach groups in research. We propose a migrant community model to research with hard-to-reach migrant workers and provide practical tools developed for migrant community research, including ten practical steps to apply the model.

At the core of the migrant community approach is the engagement of migrant researchers recruited through community NGOs who are trained to take part in all phases of the research, including research design, data collection, analysis, dissemination and advocacy. The guide provides background on participatory migrant community approaches to research and advocacy and information on the recruitment of migrant community researchers, training and mentoring, recruitment of hard-to-reach workers and ethical considerations. The guide also includes practical tools, such as information sheets and selected training resources.

If your or your organisation have questions about the guide or the migrant community approach, please do not hesitate to get in touch.