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Government bill fails to prevent modern slavery or support victims

December 16, 2013

Experts suggest that the Draft Modern Slavery Bill published today fails to address the causes of exploitation of people for their labour or to protect the victims. Commenting on the Bill, Caroline Robinson, Policy Director at Focus On Labour Exploitation (FLEX) who raised this issue with the Home Secretary, Theresa May, at the Bill’s launch earlier today said:

“Slavery is the exploitation of people for profit yet this bill fails to prevent modern slavery or support victims.”

“Whilst the Modern Day Slavery Bill seeks to increase punishments of traffickers and prevent re-offending, it is silent on the causes of modern day slavery and on the need to identify and support victims in all labour sectors.

“Slavery does not emerge from nowhere, it is the consequence of exploitative labour conditions left unregulated and unchecked – an approach the Government has championed as part of its ‘red tape’ cutting agenda.”

“The commitment across the political spectrum to address modern-day slavery is encouraging, however if we are serious about addressing this issue we need a response from politicians that addresses the experiences of victims and provides proper rights and protections which will prevent exploitation in the first place.”