FLEX in the Media

FLEX has appeared in all major newspapers in the UK and on broadcast media. We provide comment on a range of issues relating to human trafficking for labour exploitation, including modern slavery, government policy, victim support and labour market enforcement. We also advise television producers on programmes relating to these areas.

If you would like to contact FLEX for a media story, please contact [email protected] or call 07931 687 890 if your request is urgent.


See below for a selection of recent media appearances

The Independent 14.10.19

Number of British modern slavery victims up 72% in a year, figures show

Government Europa 18.09.19

Labour exploitation: Brexit to increase 'conveyor belt' of trafficked migrants

The Independent 16.09.19

Brexit uncertainty could leave thousands of trafficking victims in uncertainty

Futures of Work 31.07.19

The UK's future migration system: denying migrant workers' humanity? 

Reuters 30.07.19

UK government must stop detaining victims of trafficking under immigration powers

The Independent 29.07.19

The Home Office is locking up victims of slavery. Will Priti Patel do the right thing and end this?

The Independent 29.07.19

Home Office illegally put trafficking victims in detention centres, report finds

InfoMigrants 23.07.19

Travailler sans papiers en Angleterre est interdit mais surtout "risqué"

Financial Times 17.06.19

Single labour inspectorate should protect workers, minister says

TalkRadio 09.06.19

Interview unavailable; regarding victims of human trafficking in immigration detention centres

Reuters 09.06.19

UK aims to uncover more traffickers with new modern slavery research centre

The Independent 09.06.19

Chinese women being trafficked to UK suffer further harm as detention numbers nearly double

Reuters 23.05.19

UK urged to sharpen slavery law to target business and help children

Financial Times 02.05.19

Foreign cleaners expose lack of protection in UK labour market

Financial Times 29.04.19

Car washes clean up their acts as UK fights labour abuses

Reuters 18.04.19

Opinion: How UK immigration policy is making a marketplace for human traffickers

The Express 12.04.19 

UK is a guiding light in modern slavery but more must be done, warns expert

LBC Radio 07.04.19

Programme unavailable; interview regarding hand car washes and modern slavery.

Reuters 07.04.19

UK car wash app uncovers nearly 1000 suspected cases of modern slavery

Open Democracy 28.03.19

The UK Modern Slavery Act: more for the 'saviours' than the 'saved'

Reuters 27.03.19

Show don't tell - government urged to lead way on tackling modern slavery

Reuters 19.03.19

Migrant workers face abuse, slavery threat in post-Brexit Britain

The Financial Times 15.03.19

Spike in modern slavery reports hits stretched council services

Reuters 07.03.19

UK anti-slavery agency offers carrot before stick to businesses

The Independent 13.02.19

Home Office using low paid temporary workers to make 'life-or-death' decisions on human trafficking

Reuters 03.02.19

UK set to appoint top cop as new anti-slavery chief

The Independent 03.02.19

Grooming scandal police chief appointed to lead UK's fight against modern slavery

The Independent 02.02.19

More than 1,200 suspected modern slavery victims deprived of financial support in breach of law, Home Office admits

Reuters 01.02.19

UK rejects calls to license car washes to prevent worker abuses

The Daily Mail 25.01.19

UK fashion sector rapped for worker exploitation

Reuters 22.01.19

Lawmakers urge UK to punish big companies that fail to tackle modern slavery

Reuters 18.01.19

Slavery victims claim back cash after illegal UK allowance cuts

The Independent 18.01.19:

Home Office announces repayment for slavery victims after it unlawfully cut their support

The Financial Times 27.12.18:

Modern slavery watchdog claims success despite criticism

Reuters 04.12.18:

UK faces tough task to ensure government supply chains are slave-free

Daily Mail 28.11.18:

UK urged to protect post-Brexit seasonal farmworkers from slavery

Reuters 15.11.18:

License hand car washes to combat slavery, say British lawmakers

The Telegraph 10.11.18:

Google factory workers making Pixel smartphones are 'underpaid and overworked'

The Daily Mail 05.11.18:

Fee for EU citizens staying in UK puts slavery survivors at risk

The Independent 03.11.18:

EU slavery victims at risk of re-exploitation after Home Office says they may have to pay to stay in UK after Brexit

The Guardian 03.11.18:

Trafficked Europeans may have to pay to stay in UK after Brexit

The Daily Mail 26.10.18:

UK imposes landmark labour ban on duo who exploited foreign workers

The Daily Mail 23.10.18:

Marks & Spencer tops list of major British firms tackling modern slavery

The Daily Mail 20.10.18:

UK companies' struggle to ensure fair wages sparks slavery concerns

The Independent 18.09.18:

Brexit plan to bring in more non EU workers could lead to sharp rise in exploitation

The Guardian 30.08.18:

Study estimates 500,000 EU workers are in low-skilled jobs

The Financial Times 28.08.18:

Modern slavery campaigners turn to online exploitation

The Financial Times 26.07.18:

Forced labour in the UK: I tried to escape... they cut my finger off

The Guardian 23.05.18:

Home Office under fire over muddled strategy on slavery that fails victims

The Independent 17.05.18:

The UK's first Independent Anti-Slavery Commissioner resigns citing government interference

The Guardian 08.05.18:

Slaves working in UK construction and car washes

The Daily Mail 07.02.18:

Britain slashes handouts for victims of modern slavery