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FLEX launches new tools to inform victims of trafficking about support options and legal remedies

July 8, 2016

Today FLEX is excited to launch two illustrated booklets providing clear, accessible information for trafficking victims on their support entitlements and avenues to legal remedy in the UK.

Provision of clear and accessible information is key to ensuring victims of trafficking are able to regain control of their lives, to make informed decisions about their support needs and understand the legal avenues available to them. These booklets provide a simple, illustrated overview of support entitlements on entering the National Referral Mechanism, possible outcomes post-NRM, and avenues to compensation and immigration remedies.

The two booklets, ‘Support Entitlements in the UK: National Referral Mechanism for Victims of Human Trafficking’ and ‘Legal Rights & Options for Victims of Human Trafficking in the UK,’ were developed in response to research conducted by FLEX which found that victims of trafficking in the UK had little knowledge of the range of support they were entitled to or of their legal rights.1 The aim of the booklets is to empower those who have been trafficked to seek information about their options and assert their rights.

The booklets are available to download from the FLEX website in 12 languages: English, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Spanish, Tigrinya and Vietnamese.

[1] For more information see FLEX publication Identification and Support of Victims of Trafficking for Labour Exploitation in the Netherlands, the UK and Romania.

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