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FLEX launches guide to legal remedies

November 1, 2014

FLEX has today launched a new Guide to Legal Remedies for Victims of Trafficking for Labour Exploitation, that provides practical information to assist frontline service providers in informing victims about their legal options and directing them towards legal advice. Legal issues covered include immigration remedies, legal aid, and compensation, with a particular focus on the possibilities for victims to pursue legal claims against their traffickers.

The Guide was developed following FLEX’s discussions with migrant, community and homeless organisations on the complex issues surrounding victims’ legal rights.  FLEX’s earlier Working Paper on Access to Justice also revealed that victims of trafficking in the UK still face significant barriers in accessing legal assistance and obtaining compensation for the exploitation they have suffered.

Through use of this Guide it is hoped that victims and their support providers will have a better understanding of the legal avenues open to them, and will be empowered to seek the justice they deserve.