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FLEX collaborates with the London Mayor on campaign on workers’ rights

July 31, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic and its related economic impact have significantly affected workers. FLEX’s recent briefing has shown that those in low-paid jobs were being laid off, denied entitlements and threatened with dismissal, while some of those still in work described feeling pressured to work excessively long hours and under unsafe conditions. During the last months, unions, NGOs and labour inspectors have uncovered cases of labour abuse and exploitation in a number of sectors, including agriculture, garment, cleaning, gig economy and domestic work.

As the lockdown eases and more people start going back to work, it is vital that workers have access to information about their rights and know where to seek help if they experience problems at work.

FLEX’s 11-language video on support for workers

For this reason, FLEX has partnered with the Greater London Authority (GLA) to produce an information video about where workers can report:

  • underpayment of minimum wage
  • problems with employment agencies
  • unsafe, abusive or exploitative working conditions, including modern slavery offences

As well as where they can seek support with:

  • understanding their employment rights in the UK
  • reporting issues at work if they don’t speak English
  • accessing immigration and employment advice via free, independent and confidential organisations

FLEX has collaborated with partners to translate this video into eleven languages, making it available in: English, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Romanes, Hindi, Bahasa Indonesia and Tagalog.

All these videos are available on the GLA’s Employment Rights Hub, where you can also find videos covering other relevant employment rights issues and information about employment and immigration advice services available in London, including:

  • “I’m worried about my pay and conditions at work. What can I do?”
  • “My work is affected by Covid-19. How does my immigration status affect the support I can get?”
  • “I’ve been dismissed after raising concerns with my employer. What can I do?”
  • “I’m self-employed and financially affected by Covid-19. What can I do?”
  • “I’m being asked to work but I’m supposed to be on furlough. What options do I have to raise this?”
  • “My employer is not following the government guidance on workplace safety. How can I raise my concerns?”
  • “I’m pregnant – is it safe to go to work?”
  • “I’m pregnant – will I get maternity pay during the pandemic?”
  • “Furlough during and after maternity or parental leave”
  • “I’m worried about getting Covid-19, do I have to go into work?”
  • “Can my employer fire me because I need to care for someone?”
  • “My family is vulnerable – do I have to go into work?”
  • “What’s happening next with the furlough scheme?”
  • “Mental health rights and returning to work after Covid-19”

Please help us disseminate these videos by sharing them widely with workers whom you think would find them useful.

With thanks to the Greater London Authority for supporting this work and to our partners Latin American Women’s Rights Service, Kalayaan, East European Resource Centre, Roma Support Group, Filipino Domestic Workers’ Association and all those involved in the translating, filming and dissemination of these videos.