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FLEX business survey on corporate accountability – we want to hear your views

April 19, 2018

FLEX has launched a survey for company representatives in the garment industry to share their views on the effectiveness of the UK Modern Slavery Act and other actions needed to prevent modern slavery in their supply chains. If you work for a company that buys from Bangladesh or the UK, we want to hear from you. The anonymous survey is available here.

The survey is part of FLEX’s consultation process for the project ‘Seeing through transparency: making corporate accountability work for workers‘. Based on the views of companies and other stakeholders, we are developing an action plan to make corporate accountability work for workers worldwide. The action plan will bring together legislative and enforcement measures that create a level playing field for companies and place workers’ rights at its core.

To get a fuller picture of the challenges companies are facing to address modern slavery in supply chains both in the UK and abroad, and the solutions you propose, we also wish to interview company representatives. If you are interested in sharing your views in person or on a call, on or off the record, we would be delighted to hear from you.