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Brexit immigration plan confusion risks increasing labour exploitation

September 6, 2017

A leaked document revealing the government’s proposals to prevent low-skilled workers from coming to UK is adding to the chaos and confusion around the status of EU nationals in the UK. A FLEX report published last week has revealed how this confusion is leading to exploitation of EU workers, as lack of clear information means people are afraid to claim their rights, report abuse or leave exploitative work.

FLEX Director Caroline Robinson said:

“FLEX has found Brexit confusion is already increasing the risk of exploitation of vulnerable workers in the UK. Clear information is urgently needed to prevent unscrupulous employers from taking advantage of workers’ fear and confusion.”

The leaked Home Office document reveals plans to reduce numbers of migrant workers in low-skilled jobs entering the UK immediately after Brexit. Commenting on the document, Caroline Robinson said:

“The fact that these plans are being made before the outcome of the Migration Advisory Committee’s review of the role of EU workers in the UK labour market is extremely concerning. It shows a preference for curbing immigration above protecting workers and ensuring that they are not left increasingly vulnerable to exploitation.”

Notes to editors:

– FLEX works to end human trafficking for labour exploitation.

– FLEX report Lost in Transition: Brexit and Labour Exploitation is available here.